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{September 1, 2010}   first love

My first love as far back as I can remember was and still is music. The McArthur family has a lot of musical talent. My grandmother is an accomplished pianist, my father played drums for his highschool band and drum & bugle corps. I am one of 3 members of my extended family with a music degree. Most of us play at least 2 instruments.

Until my grandfather died, my grandma McArthur’s house was always full of musical instruments. She had a grand piano, an organ, and LOTS of percussion instruments like a tambourine, sleigh bells, claves, etc. I remember spending a lot of time on my grandmother’s farm growing up and I recall teaching myself how to play her piano by ear using my own recognition of the solfege system.At the age of 4 I remember playing a song on the piano using both my left and right hands while my parents and grandparents sat in the next room. I overheard my grandmother tell them that I had learned how to play with both hands all by myself.

That’s me in the back with my eyes closed >.< Pictured with my brother (Greg) and my sister (Andrea).

I went on to teach myself how to play guitar. I took music all through high school and learned how to play the clarinet, flute, trumpet, and violin. I was in an all-girl band for the last part of high school and also played in the concert band, clarinet quintet, and string ensemble. I went on to seek classical training on the clarinet and studied under Zoltan Kalman for 5 years. While studying music at Brock University I participated in the University Woodwind Ensemble, Women’s Chorus, and Mixed Chorale.

I have also enjoyed a thorough love of music performed and written by others. My father had a very extensive record collection and provided me with a superior education on rock and roll music. I grew up listening to the Guess Who, Cream, and Sugarloaf, to name a few. As I grew up my taste in music expanded to include other genres such as metal, electronica, and classical music.

I am a firm believer that file sharing has not harmed the music industry: the industry did a fine job of destroying itself by flooding the market with cookie-cutter pop crap. If someone downloads music and doesn’t pay for it, they were never going to pay for it. Those were the people from before who would copy it from a friend, tape it off the radio, etc. I used to use file sharing services as a way to sample music. If there were at least 3 songs on your album that I liked, I would buy it. If the single you released is the only song you put any effort into, I’m going to keep my hard-earned money thankyouverymuch!

Presently, I am building a tangible audio interface in our lab at York called OPUS. I hope to be able to share images of it with you all as soon as we’ve got everything up and running 🙂 I still play guitar and occasionally mix music on my computer.

So there, as you can see, I fell in love with music at a very early age and continue to find new ways to connect with my passion. I’ll end it here and prepare my next topic for your reading pleasure.


Shana says:

RE – File sharing, this is why I love bandcamp. You get to listen to the music as much as you want and can choose to buy it in whatever format you want!

RE – music. I was always jealous of your musical talent and family’s involvement. I love that music is still such a big part of your life, and always love the new bands and musics you send my way 🙂

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