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{July 28, 2010}   ultimate birthday wish

I’ve got a confession to make. Like many people online, I can end up wasting a LOT of time on Perez Hilton’s blog. I don’t mean to – I don’t necessarily idolize all of those celebrities. It just sort of happens once I run out of emails, news, and tweets.

There are a few celebrities that I admire (either for their talents or their charity work), but there is one celebrity who I actually wish I knew in real life. That celebrity is Julie Benz.

I first noticed Julie in her role as Darla on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was delighted to encounter her again in the role of Rita Bennet on Dexter. Shortly after I acquired my twitter account I began to follow Julie Benz on twitter. I’m not big into following many celebrities, but I do enjoy reading Julie’s tweets. Julie is very funny, down to earth, loves her dogs, and respects her fans. On more than one occasion, Julie has openly invited fans to ask her any questions, and has answered as many as she possibly could, including mine!

So, today, when she posted a link for a trapeze lesson with Julie Benz, I realized that Julie Benz is actually a celebrity who I would really like to spend time with IRL. That would be my ultimate birthday wish =D


miamadness15 says:

This is not going to be easy to fulfill. We can start a pool of money among all of us. Better, put a donation button on your blog and facebook! Maybe you could get it! 🙂

What was your question? Let us know what she said!

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