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{July 24, 2010}   Blue Shorts Test

Today was the blue shorts test for students at Siam No. 1 and many of its sister schools, including York Muay Thai. I decided to attend to cheer for my classmates and to see what I need to aim for in my own training. I think about 49 people took the test today at Siam No. 1’s new location – according to Ajahn Suchart Yodkerepaupri, the number of students taking the test each time grows. Ajahn speaks very candidly about the passion, discipline, and respect needed for real Muay Thai in between each of the grueling exercises.

Ajahn Suchart, the Krus, PooChoi Krus, and the students in their blue shorts

After 3 hours of extreme athleticism and technique, the 4 students from York Muay Thai who participated in today’s test received their certificate and their blue shorts. I’m so proud of my classmates! Hopefully one day I will be able to take the blue shorts test.


miamadness15 says:

What does the blue short test mean actually? Is it like, let’s say, the yellow belt in Karate or more like the black belt? Put more details. It’s interesting!

tvashtri says:

Blue shorts isn’t really like the belt system in Karate. I believe it is unique to Siam No. 1 and its sister schools – there’s some info about it here:

miamadness15 says:

Oh that’s cool! I see what you mean. It’s rather cool. You need to take a picture of you all geared up!!! I am sure you will be a fierce fighter!

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