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{June 13, 2010}   On scholarships

Last year I was nominated for a Vanier Scholarship by my graduate program and by the Faculty of Graduate Studies at my university. York is allowed to make 29 nominations over a 3 year period, so the fact that I was one of their 9 nominations for 2010 was quite an honour. Sadly, only 4 of the 9 nominees were awarded Vanier Scholarships by the selection committee, and I was not one of them.

I was hopeful to receive a Vanier, but at the same time could appreciate what an honour it was to even be nominated for one. In addition to my Vanier application, I had also applied for OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarship) and for a SSHRC doctoral award (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council). I was successful in winning an OGS, but my university decided not to forward my SSHRC application for reasons that don’t make a whole lot of sense. Either way, I was thankful for the OGS and was fully determined to reapply for SSHRC in the fall.

On Friday I went in to York to attend my friend Danny’s MSc defense. While I was there I received a letter pertaining to the Elia Scholars Program, York’s most prestigious graduate award. Each year, 3 doctoral students are selected as Elia Scholars, and not only had I been nominated for the program but I was also selected as one of the 3 students to receive the award!

I guess it just goes to show that all things happen for a reason… or something. Either way I am very grateful.


miamadness15 says:

I really don’t get why they would nominate you for the Vanier but not push your application for the SSHRC. That makes no sense whatsoever! I have a hard time understanding the different bureaucratic policies!

I am really proud of you! I am happy that you got the Elia Scholarship. Are you going to have any issues with the fact that you are working too? What happens with the OGS? Do you have to decline it? All things happen for a reason!

tvashtri says:

Yeah, I declined OGS in favour of Elia. The teaching is just contract based, so I only teach the courses I apply for (and they’re only 4 month contracts). So basically, I’m under no contractual obligation to retain any of my teaching positions, I’ll just keep at least one course where necessary to maintain my seniority with the teaching unions. I can spread that out over the academic year so that there’s no issue 🙂

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