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{May 25, 2010}   EA Sports Active More Workouts

Yesterday while Rob and I were out shopping we decided to use a couple of the EB Games gift cards we received as wedding gifts (our friends know us well!). Rob bought Super Mario Galaxy 2 for himself and I decided to buy EA Sports Active More Workouts. More Workouts is the sequel to EA Sports Active – one of a number of exercise games that was most likely inspired by the success of Wii Fit. We were early adopters of Wii Fit, but I was never really all that impressed by it. Firstly, while Wii Fit did provide a variety of exercises, there was too much time in between exercises. I was also never really impressed with the way that Wii Fit used to berate me for gaining a whole pound overnight, or that it used BMI as a way to judge how healthy you were. Anyways, I could go on and on listing the reasons why I didn’t enjoy Wii Fit (or its sequel), but this post is for the awesome, amazing EA Sports Active and it’s sequel: More Workouts!

I bought EA Sports Active sometime last summer and instantly fell in love with the 30 day challenge! The workouts were great and provided a balance of activities while also including enough variety from day to day to really keep you motivated. Additionally, EA Sports Active never focussed on my weight – I was only asked this once when I created my profile – probably so that the game could report on my calorie burn. I had just started my 4th 30 day challenge last week when I decided that my video game purchase was going to be the sequel to Active. I’m on day 2 of my 6 week challenge and am so far very impressed with the improvements to the game.

The first and most important update in my opinion is the warm up and cool down stations. While I’m not a complete fitness n00b, it was nice to have these included in my workouts, especially because I got to learn some cool new (to me) stretches. The other improvement I like is that I get to build my weekly workout schedule, and it is consistent from week to week. Previously, Active would have you workout for 2 days, and then take 1 day off, meaning that your days on and off changed from week to week. This didn’t always work for me and my odd work schedule. Now I’ve set it up so that my weekly workout schedule is in harmony with my weekly work schedule. Other than that, I’m really enjoying the new workouts. EA Sports Active had some fantastic workouts, but I’ve got to say these new ones (like sparring & combo station, or obstacle course) really keep me moving and motivated. I can’t wait to workout again tomorrow!

Which brings me to the main reason why I love EA Sports Active more than Wii Fit – I actually sweat when I play it!


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