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{May 17, 2010}   industrial fashion

Every Monday night I lecture at Ryerson University. Taking advantage of the school’s proximity to downtown, I usually leave a bit early and do some window shopping. Two weeks ago I spotted these Kensie industrial jeans at Sears and last week I tried them on and bought them. I love the stitching above and around the knee – these aren’t your ordinary jeans!

My approach to fashion is a bit alternative. I tend to borrow from a lot of different styles to create my look. I’ll usually pull from goth, punk, and industrial, while mixing in just about anything else that suits my fancy. These jeans here look fabulous paired with some of the wonderful clothing at

Actress Julie Benz also got me hooked on jeggings (and variants on the craze, such as denim leggings, denim-print leggings, etc.). I don’t generally wear them solo (I’m not the kind of girl who can wear tights in place of pants) but I love to pair them with skirts, long-ish shirts, mini dresses, etc.  No woman likes to padd their hips in exchange for the layered look. Jeggings (and their variants) allow you to achieve this look without adding inches to your waist and hips.


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